Krept & Konan Speak On Performing With Kanye West [USA]

UK rap duo Krept and Konan reached critical acclaim with their debut album, The Long Way Home, but in this VladTV exclusive, the rappers say a lot of people doubted them–even after they got a big cosign from Kanye West.

Krept says they were on a shoot when they got the news Kanye wanted them to perform his single, “All Day” at the 2015 BRIT Awards. The two walked out on their “Freak of the Week” video shoot and straight to the show to share the moment with the rapper, Skepta and Theophilus London.

Konan says they were met by 30 other people in black tracksuits. Since no one had a clue what they were going to do on stage, the rappers were nervous. They ended up meeting Kanye before the performance and he thanked them for coming out at the last minute. Even after the performance aired, many people didn’t believe they met the rapper.

Krept then went into the story behind their viral cover of “Otis” by Kanye and Jay Z. After the cover hit 5 million views in 2011, the video was mysteriously taken down. The disappearance of the video led to rumors that Jay Z’s legal team forced them to take it down. Krept says a simple error when posting the video led to a copyright infringement accusation. Since the two rappers knew little about making money on YouTube, they believed they weren’t doing anything wrong when they claimed the single as their own.

Check out why the rappers decided not to tell Kanye about their mistake in the video above.

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